I was cleaning the spam out of [ghostbank]’s email when I found a priceless little treasure with the heading “would you need a faver for you?”

I was confused. Was Mr. Spambot offering to do me a favor, or was I going to do him one? Perhaps I had to do myself a favor before I did him a favor. There was to be some sort of favor exchange at any rate.

 Since our various watchdog programs assured me it was virus-free, I took a peek at the email. The body of the email was filled with the sort of semi-coherent rubbish you can expect from a spam email.

Hi friend,
I just find a website [link to spurious website] the stuffs are very cheap, If you want to make transcations with them,   you must be stisfaied with the products and their service.
And they will provide the best sales-after-service. If you interested, you can have a look and see.

And I’m still confused. I can only buy things from your website (which probably has the electronic equivalent of syphilis) if I’ve already bought from the site and was satisfied with my purchases? What the hell kind of business model is that?

I am disappointed – I was hoping for higher-quality gibberish. They just don’t make good spam like they used to.