I spent way too much time Sunday watching YouTube videos and working on my next few Library posts rather than coming up with something original, so I’m going to just share a few more videos from a couple of my favorite vloggers – the vlogbrothers.

I’ve mentioned the pair before and if you didn’t clink on any of the links from that post you definitely should have – they are made of awesome. The two brothers often challenge one another and then the loser posts a video of themselves performing whatever task it is they have to do. The particular video I found funny was one posted by John as he filmed his punishment in which he had to do certain things; lick a cat, wax his leg, and drink a blenderized Happy Meal. (He was unable to find a cat to lick, he had to make another video for that.) I don’t recommend anyone with sensitive stomachs watch that first one, it is both funny and nauseating. Click here for some nerd humor instead.