The unusual warm weather of the past week or so has had an unfortunate side effect – things are starting to bloom which means my allergies have come out of hibernation. It isn’t too bad yet, but it will be.

On top of the pollen that actually makes you sneeze, we get the lovely clouds of pine pollen. When the wind is strong enough it will boil up out of the trees like smoke and it will look like the forest is slowly smoldering.

That haze isn't smoke or fog, it's pollen.


Pine pollen doesn’t trigger allergies, but it does cling to every surface like nature’s hellish version of Shake n’ Bake. My car has already picked up a very noticeable coat and looks a little orangeish. I’m not going to wash it, though – for two reasons.

  1. There will just be more pollen later and washing the car only seems to make it stick better.
  2. That’s what rain is for. Nature got my car dirty, it can damn well wash it too.