It’s my blogiversary!

Well… Technically it was yesterday but as I am terrible at remembering dates I thought it was today. Sorry for not sharing my special made-up holiday with everyone. I kinda wish I had because sweet mercy did I get a ton of hits yesterday – 203 when it’s usually around fifty on a good day. I couldn’t figure it out until I went to Google something and saw that they had a doodle up for Eadweard Muybridge’s birthday. Sure enough, most of my hits were for the weekend picture-post I did featuring his work a while back. (It got more hits than my tooth cleaning stick review, which has been my most popular post of all time.) Mystery solved.

So should I do something fun and spectacular for my one year aniversary, which I honestly thought I would never achieve, or just continue boring everyone with the meaningless minutia of my daily life?

:flips coin:

Boring minutia it is!

Ummm …

:twiddles thumbs:

Let’s get out my old friend, the Wheel o’ Topics, and see what he has for me instead.


“Ten things that irritate me about vinegar?” It’s an acid, it’s supposed to be irritating. I call do-over.


“One of my favorites is Arkansas?” Dude, I think I left you in the closet too long. Let’s try one more time.


“Heres what infuriates me about Dog Food?” That it’s speciest (and also bad grammar.) Once more.


“My opinion on lying to kids.”  Well, I don’t have kids so I don’t have any problem lying to them. I did tell Fearless that she was the smartest kitty in the world the other day, which we all know is a lie. She thinks plastic and cardboard are part of a complete breakfast.