On Easter Sunday I was going to a late breakfast/early lunch with the parents. In the car I wished Mother Dearest a Happy Zombie Jesus Day, which I had to explain to her. (If Jesus rose from the dead, that makes him a zombie.) She had mentioned that she needed to get gas before we left the house, but we speed past the station while talking and MD blamed me – “You distracted me with Zombie Jesus!” – and we went to another station. While we were eating GhostDad tried to convince MD that the restaurant was selling chocolate Easter bunnies that morning, proving once again that GD is a master of bullshit. (She didn’t buy it but was starting to have doubts.)

GD needs a sticker like this one.

We were on our way home when GD mentioned to MD “Didn’t you say you needed gas?” MD did that “Oh, yeah” thing people do right as we were passing the gas station. She almost turned in but I ruined it by laughing. Dammit.