Time for another dream! I can’t tell if I’m having more dreams or if I’m just remembering them better because I write them down, but this one is kinda odd.

I dreamt I was living in a hole in the ground with my family – my parents, GhostSister, GhostBIL and their brood. It was a pretty nice hole in the ground, there was a main room and what I will assume were smaller rooms off of it, the front door was in the ceiling and accessible only by a ladder. All around the tunnel leading up to the door were shelves where we kept books and things. There was also a small window at about knee height  that was covered by a screen and left open from time to time for ventilation on the far side of the main room. The hole was on a hill, that’s why the door was in the ceiling but the window was only knee-high. We were only living in this hole temporarily while a house was being built nearby. The whole family was going for a walk near the river (because the hole was near a river) and I found a matte black plastic violin in the woods. GhostBIL found the bow for the violin and we decided to take them back to the hole. I have no idea why it took both of us. GhostBIL went first and he poked me in the ankle with the bow as I was standing on the surface when I told him to be careful on the ladder. He put the bow on a shelf in the main room and went back up the ladder. I went down and then back up so I could turn around since I was going down the ladder the wrong way, and finally back down into the main room where I put the violin beside the bow. I then decided that it was too stuffy in the hole and I should open the window. I had to lay down on my stomach to open it, when I did there was a black cat with bright blue eyes sitting in front of the window screen. We stared at each other for a few seconds and then the cat asked if Thing 2 was home. I told the cat that everyone had gone for a walk but they should be back soon. The cat nodded and jumped off the windowsill. This whole conversation seemed strange – it was a talking cat! – but I shrugged it off and climbed out of the hole.

A short time later everyone gets back to the hole after taking a long walk and we find a woman and young girl standing by our hole. Thing 2 is happy to see her friend, whom she introduces as Chloe, and the kids play while the adults chat for a bit. I very casually ask the woman if her daughter is a changeling, which surprizes her. She confirms that Chloe is a changeling and asks me how I knew. It was because the girl and the cat had the same eyes and voice. I offer to take the kids into town, which is some distance away, and we start walking. On the way I start making small talk, asking Chloe how old she is. She is very evasive and when I asked her if she would age like a cat or a girl she became very upset. Chloe accused Thing 2 of sharing a secret with me, which we both denied. I insisted I was just being a nosy grown-up and didn’t want to hear her silly old secret anyway. I illustrated this by sticking my thumbs in my ears and singing nonsense until the girls giggled at me.

When we reached town, which looked like one of those tiny towns you see in old westerns, we went to the general store, which had strangely empty shelves. I showed Chloe how a stapler worked, she had never seen one before, and we walked around the store and looked at the empty shelves. There were about six small blue and white boxes on one shelf, they had what looked like wedding bells on the sides, and the girls wanted to buy one of the boxes. I wouldn’t let them, telling them that they were too young to get married.

That’s where it ended. I’m very intrigued by the character of Chloe, she was very odd. I’d like to figure out more about her and possibly put her into a story.