Saturday was pretty drab and gray, so I decided to go to a movie that had just come out that I wanted to see – The Pirates! Band of Misfits. (You can watch the trailer here.)

I’m a fan of stop-motion animation as well as pirates, so I was hoping for a good movie. I was not disappointed.  The movie follows the adventures of a group of pirates (in case the title wasn’t a big enough hint) led by the Pirate Captain. All of the pirate crew are nameless; there’s the Albino Pirate, the Pirate with Gout, the Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate (who is a woman wearing a beard that looks like a bathmat) and so on. The only competent pirate is the first mate, who can translate the Pirate Captain’s orders such as “Fire those long things that go bang!” into something that makes sense. The entire crew is just thrilled about being pirates, even if they do happen to be the worse pirates on the sea.

A merry band of scurvy dogs. (And one "parrot")

The Pirate Captain desperately wants to win the Pirate of the Year award, despite being the laughingstocks of all the pirates. They go out plundering and meet with a series of failures culminating in an attack on the Beagle, complete with Charles Darwin.

Who, as a bonus, is voiced by David Tennant.

Darwin correctly identifies Polly as a dodo and not the “big-boned parrot” the crew believe her to be and tries to buy her from them. The Pirate Captain initially refuses, but changes his mind when Darwin tells them that the discovery of a live dodo would mean “wealth beyond imagination” but fails to explain that the wealth is not of the shiny sort. Hilarity ensues.

The story is pretty good for a kid’s movie, there are enough things that will entertain an adult but a kid probably wouldn’t catch. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, which is how I judge movies.