A fairly uneventful weekend – some good finds yard sale-wise but I’m having trouble summoning the energy to take photos and such. Netflix provided no interesting new movies, just a few oldies I’ve seen before.

Speaking of, if anyone likes old-fashioned Victorian murder mysteries, I recommend The Cater Street Hangman, an old BBC movie based on one of Anne Perry’s books by the same name. I love her murder mysteries. I have a fondness for things Victorian, I recently downloaded a free book from Amazon called Broadmoor Revisited that I can recommend to anyone interested in Victorian era mental health. It’s written from a modern perspective but based on the actual records of the facility. I’ve been reading up on such things in an effort to flesh out my NaNoNovel, the asylum scenes are proving tricky. I’m thinking of trashing a whole section of it because it just doesn’t feel right.

And the cats actually got me Mother’s Day gifts! Fearless and Firefly gave me cuddles and Simon deposited a lovely hairball right where I was sure to step on it. What an overachiever.