Firefly was curled up in a ball on the loveseat in the living room, so I walked over to pet her for a bit. As I was doing so, I noticed something shiny on the cushion.

Me – “Why is there glass on the seat?” I hand the shard to GhostDad, seated nearby. He looks it over, rubbing it on his finger.

GD – “It’s not glass; it’s too light to be glass and look, it’s not cutting my finger.”

Me – “Yes, it is; it feels just like glass.” GD continues running it over his finger. “Why would there be glass on the seat?”

GD – “Your mother had her stuff all over it, there’s no telling what’s on it. :prods finger with shard repeatedly: It’s not glass, it’s plastic. If it was glass it would cut me.” He hands it back to me. “Try it, it won’t cut you.”

Me – “I’m not going to cut my finger open just to prove a point. Look, it cuts paper.” It does.

GD – “Plastic will cut paper.” At this point I give the shard to MotherDearest, who taps it on her teeth.

MD – “It’s glass.”

Me – “See, I told you.”

GD – “No, it’s plastic. Here, let me try to break it.” I pick up the lighter on the bookshelf that’s used to light candles. “Don’t use that, it’s almost empty! Just let me break it.”

Me – :lights lighter and sticks end of shard into the flame: “No, look. It’s not melting.”

GD – “I told you it was glass.”

And they say I’m the stubborn one. Also, glass gets really hot and can burn you if you’re not careful.