Not much drama happening at work these day, no throwdowns in the lobby or other exciting things, but I did overhear something at lunch that puzzled me.

The coirker who despaired over whether her boyfriend would ever propose to her – well, he did. Now I have eighteen months of wedding plans and constant dieting to entertain me during lunch. Yay. One day I heard he tell another coirker that her fiance was taking her shopping.

“I’m making him get me two purses. One’s going to be a Coach, but I’m not sure about the other one.” Other coirker is of course curious as to why said fiance is doing this, so first coirker explains.

She was doing something with his phone one day and noticed that he had downloaded the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Well, she freaked out and confronted him. He tried to pass it off as if it was a mistake, but went to the trouble of checking and somehow found out that he had downloaded it on purpose. Another freak-out later and she is “making” him buy her two new designer purses as some sort of punishment for being a healthy heterosexual male who likes to look a pictures of women in bikinis.

It wasn’t some graphic tentacle-based porn or anything like that, it was SI’s Swimsuit Edition. If she thinks her fiance is going to stop enjoying the sight of scantily clad women just because he’s engaged or married she is sadly deceiving herself.