I occasionally like to browse through CraigsList Listing looking for stuff to send to my favorite website, You Suck at Craigslist, but I don’t usually find anything quite up to their level of terrible. However, there are times when I do find things that make me go “Huh?”

For example, this was in the Personal ads under “Strictly Platonic”:

Force Feeding(Belly Expansion) – m4m – 22

That looks weird. I wonder what the ad looks like?

Looking for anyone interesting in feeding me large quantities of food, until my belly is bloated and huge. Stuffing me to the brim until I can barely move. I would love for someone to tie me up and force me to eat and eat till my gut is taut and full. If you are into this fetish, are interested, and would be able to host, let me know.

He wants to come over to your house, let you tie him up, and force large quantities of food down his throat like he’s a goose being fattened for pate. Why is this a thing?

I’m white, 5,11, with brown hair and brown eyes. I already have a flabby, soft little tummy. I have soft, youthful skin, which is very fortunate, it’s nice to touch. Very nice to rub, even nicer to rub when it’s filled to the brim with food. I’m fine with cuddling(if you’d like), belly rubs, maybe some playful insults like “Your such a pig.”while you feed me. Stuff like that, teasing me.

Well, that’s a surprise. The food fetishist has a pot belly. The description of his skin really freaks me out, it’s like he’s advertising his hide to serial killers.

I’m free all day tomorrow so I’m hoping someone will be interested by tomorrow. I’d love to meet anyone who is into this fetish. Even if you are not into the fetish but are into heavier guys, take this opportunity to help make me nice and big for you. I’m yours to fatten.

Is anyone into this sort of thing? I’m afraid to Google it, so I’m just going to assume that the answer is “Yes.” And “strictly platonic”? – Really? Then why specify that it has to be a man who ties you up and ladles gravy down your gullet and offers to cuddle afterwards? (Ewww.) The boy is essentially offering to become someone’s prized piglet. He’s just begging someone to kidnap him and keep him in a well while he rubs lotion into his soft skin.

It’s also possible that this is just an incredible elaborate ruse concocted by a broke college student looking for a free meal, since he’s offering to come to your house and eat your food.