On Thursday I went to see Thing 1 in her debut role as a giraffe in her class play, The Lonely Bear.

She is an adorable giraffe.

All the kids were various animals who came to see the lonely bear , whom they tried to make feel better about himself and there was something about going to the beach with monkeys that sounded like fun. I wasn’t really paying that much attention to the non-Thing 1 parts.

The giraffes taught the lonely bear how to read and then they did a little dance. It was frickin’ adorable.

Here you can see a couple of monkeys, a magical parrot, and a tiger.

When the teacher passed out awards to everyone, Thing 1 received the “Kiddie Caldecott” award since she is the best artist in the class. That giraffe just loves to draw. (If you scroll back up to the first pictures, I think that’s her giraffe on the wall.)

At the wrap party, the giraffe showed her true nature by devouring a Zebra Cake.