I’ve mentioned in passing what an excellent artist my eldest niece Thing 1 is, it’s not surprising considering both of her parents are creative types, so I thought I’d share a couple of her most recent works. Thing 1 is only six years old but is well on her way to being a great artist, some of her drawings look as if they were done by someone several years older than she is. According to GhostSister she draws constantly and runs through paper so fast, even though her father brings her scratch paper from work, that she will sometimes draw on paper towels when she has nothing else available.

I’m sure there would be some who would say “Oh, Ghostie – you’re just biased.” Well, yes; but I’ve also seen her work.

This is the horse and girl (that’s a saddle pommel) she drew for me last Thursday.

This is the dragon she drew for Mother Dearest.