I had another odd dream, but this one seems to fit with two others I’ve had.

In my dream my family is selecting an asteroid to turn it into a spaceship. This isn’t as odd as it seems, as there seem to be good reasons to do this.

We travel out to an asteroid belt, find just the right one, and finally install our beginning module. There are other families as well, each with their own module and we all settle in the same asteroid.There are other groups with their own asteroids, some heading the same direction we are and some heading other places. The idea is that once we get underway, the different families will mine out the asteroid so that by the time we get to where we are going, we’ll have all the metal we need to make tools and other things. The little place we live in is very cramped and shiny in an “Apple store” sort of way, the corridors cut into the asteroid are much darker rock. There was dust everywhere. During the dream a neighboring family is visiting us and I’m showing their twin sons how my e-book works. It wasn’t my beloved Kindle, but something very similar – it had the ability to project images and well as serving as a flat display.

This dream actually fits neatly in front of the one I had a while back where my family was arguing over who had to sleep on the table since there was not enough beds. (Also known as the dream where the toilet gets lost.) Not long after I had that dream, I had one where everyone was living in the ground (there was also a talking cat) that would fit into the end of the timeline as how life would be on the planet we were going to.

It’s really weird how dreams that I’ve had weeks or months apart seem to sort of fit together, it’s almost like my brain is telling me to write this story.