I’ve had two strange dreams this week, both fairly short.

The first comes from Saturday morning. I dreamt I was in a grey room with a giant fishtank, it was as big as our shed, that was full of very strange-looking fish. There was one that would float sideways at the top of the tank, I thought it was dead until the person with me (who I never got a good look at) pointed out that the fish just looked like it was floating on the surface. The fish’s body was shaped and patterned in such a way that it resembled a dead fish, but it was still very much alive. There were also these lumpy things called chameleo-blobs that were a kind of parasite, it would change color and texture to perfectly match whatever part of the fish it was touching. While I was watching, a tiny bright green fish flicked one of the blobs onto the side of the aquarium and it instantly became transparent. You could see tiny bits of green scales, which I guess is what it had been eating, in it’s tiny stomach.

The second dream occured the following night. I dreamt that I had signed up for a sleep study and was taken to a very nice house, like a big, old-fashioned plantation, with the massive oak trees that seemed to fill up the entire sky. There was a whole group of us and we were staying in the guest house, which was massive in it’s own right, that was near a small river. A cute cottage garden surrounded the guest house, complete with white picket fence, and there was the wide slope of the darkest green moss I have ever seen leading from the guest house to the river. We were allowed to explore the grounds for a little while before the study began and I found the oddest thing. Someone had taken an old clawfoot bathtub and left it near the base of one of those grand old oaks, the tree had grown around it and it was embedded in the trunk and roots. The inside was surprisingly clean and dry, so I climbed in and then fell asleep.