I was eating my lunch back in the break room one day when one of my coirkers came in to get a drink of water. Another coirker was telling my a funny story about her cat, which the first coirker caught the tail-end of.

“Our Ghostie loves a good cat story,” said the coirker at the sink.

“That’s true; I do love a good cat story.” I admitted.

“It’s because you have such a soft and gentle soul.”

“…Thank you?”

I’m not really sure what the proper response to that sort of comment is; it’s nice that she thinks well of me, but soft and gentle? That’s how you describe fabric softener or a teddy bear, not a person. It kind of threw me.

As a bonus work-related tip – don’t keep your lip gloss in the same place you store your glue sticks, you might get distracted by a phone call and accidentially glue your lips shut. Hypothetically speaking, of course.