I went out to dinner with Mother Dearest and GhostDad the other night. MD ordered a vegetable plate with macaroni & cheese, fried okra, and banana pudding. (She is a wonderful nutritional role model.)

When she started on her pudding, I noticed that she was carefully digging out each slice of banana and removing it from the bowl.

“What are you doing?”

“I don’t like bananas, they make me gag.” I stare at MD for a minute.

“But you ordered banana pudding – it has bananas in it.”

“I like the pudding and the Nilla Wafers, but I don’t like the bananas.” Right about then a piece of banana slipped past MD and she made the strangest face, like she had just licked the floor of a public bus.

“You are so weird.” MD gave me her patented “Mom Look.”

“Like you don’t have any strange habits?”

Point taken. This led to a discussion of my recent caramel experiments and GD laughed when I told him that I had set my thumbnail on fire.