I was on my way to the dentist the other day and sitting in the turning lane getting ready to turn onto the street where the office was located. The road is a pretty busy one, six lanes plus the turning lane, and people drive like they’ve recently been shot full of cocaine and had their cars filled with bees. I had just gotten in the turning lane when the car in the lane beside me tried to get into the lane ahead of me. There was already someone parked at the light and the driver trying to get over misjudged the distance – there wasn’t room for the vehicle to get over.

Now, the prudent thing to do since the turning lane’s light was red but the non-turning lanes were green would be to forget turning and just drive a block down to the next light, turn around, and approach the intersection from the opposite way.

Yeah … that’s not what happened.

This driver froze with one wheel in the turning lane, effectively blocking an entire lane of a busy road. The honking of horns grew heavy, and I imagine the cursing of the blocked drivers did as well.

Why would someone do that? Was the driver one of those people who don’t respond well to change, or were they just that self-centered that they didn’t care that they were inconveniencing so many people? I’ll never know, but it seemed like a pretty dick move at the time.