On Saturday I was fixing up a batch of laundry detergent. Unlike most batches, I didn’t use homemade soap but decided to make use of a cache of hotel soaps I had laying around. I had the soap melted into the water and had added the borax, the last step was to add the washing soda. I knew that it would foam up, so I started by adding a little at the time. Then a lump fell out of the scoop I was using to sprinkle the soda over the liquid and the reaction was extremely energetic and it overflowed. Naturally I wanted to get the pot off the burner before it went everywhere, so I grabbed it and got boiling soap all over my hand.

Once the burner was turned off and the overflowing pot was out of harm’s way I stuck my hand in the sink for several minutes. Since there was already several blisters forming and it hurt terribly when I took it out of the water, I filled a bowl with cold water and went down the hall. Mother Dearest was taking a nap and I woke her up, explaining what had happened. She took a look at it and it was decided after some discussion that we should visit a doctor.

MD thought that there was an urgent care in one shopping center even though I told her several times that it wasn’t there anymore – we did stop and get some ice for my water bowl, which was starting to warm up.

We finally got to see a doctor by visiting the place I first suggested and I was examined, turns out I’ve got second-degree burns. I get all bandaged up and a prescription for painkillers and sent on my way home.

That’s how I ended up being Ghostie Gauzefingers.

Vicodin is awesome stuff, but with my laughably low drug tolerance I have a tendency to forget things when under the influence of Mr. V. Like how gut-achingly nauseous I get if I don’t eat something when I take one. So I take a pill before bed without any food and wake up a couple of hours later feeling stoned and sick. I manage to make it to the bathroom before I’m violently ill. I did panic for a minute when I thought I was bleeding internally, but then I remembered drinking several glasses of Cheerwine (it’s a cherry soft drink that is a dark red color for you Northern folks) before bed. I was ill several times through the night and into the next morning.

While at breakfast/lunch with the folks I kept nodding off sitting up, I would jerk myself awake from time to time. As soon as I got home I took a nap and felt much better. No more Vicodin on an empty stomach for me.

The swelling has gone down quite a bit and with the exception of a few large blisters and sensitive patches it looks pretty normal. I have a patch on my stomach as well, but it’s no worse than a bad sunburn. The stuff splashed on my feet as well, but luckily I got my socks off before I got burned. GhostDad thought I was making soap at the time, but I use far more precautions when I’m working with caustic lye.  This was my own fault for underestimating a chemical reaction.

It’s a good thing I’m a southpaw, although I’m quickly learning how hard it is to do things with only one hand.

Don’t touch me with those things!