Not long ago Mother Dearest brought home a baby doll. This particular doll, like many of the toys she finds, talks. Only this one looks like it wants to consume your soul.

Seen here preparing to devour a baby’s head after MD fixed its tangled hair.

The doll speaks a handful of phrases with long pauses in between so that it appears that the undead monster is having a conversation with your darling offspring.It has a flap in its back that you open up to expose a numerical keyboard that looks like a flesh-toned telephone, I assume that it originally came with an instruction book that told you how to tame the evil spirit that resides within so it will call you by name and not just “Mama.”
MD couldn’t really understand what I found so disturbing, but she also used to sand baby-doll eye sockets for fun and profit so I think her perspective is a bit skewed. It’s partially the face being too old for the body, it looks more like a toddler-doll than a baby-doll from the neck up, and partially the creepy-ass voice this thing possesses.

This is GhostDad’s version of “helping” – please note the pile of baby-doll limbs stacked like crab legs behind the creepy doll. GD originally wanted to “decorate” the creepy doll with them like it was some sort of hellish Christmas tree.