I am attempting my first knitting in the round project (baby socks) and holy shit – this is hard. I cast on about a dozen times trying to juggle the three needles before I said “Screw it.” and just cast on to one needle and moved the stitches to the other needles. That was an adventure by itself, since I drop stitches like they were bad cell phone signals.

My one billionth attempt.

Once I got the stitches all sorted out, I tried to knit – I tried to. How to regular knitters keep track of all these sticks?  They waggle around so much and I nearly poked myself in the eye at one point.

Row two and a third – the working end keeps getting wrapped around the needles for some reason.

I will not give up; I can not let myself be defeated by a handful of pointy sticks and some yarn. I just have to keep reminding myself how much trouble I had when I learned how to crochet. (I’m left-handed and was taught by my right-handed mother.)

And this is supposed to be the easy part – I haven’t even gotten to the heel yet!