Just to clarify – this is a recipe to make Jell-o for snails and other bottom-feeding aquatic creatures, not Jell-o made out of snails. That said, it will probably only be useful to a handful of people but when I first started making snail Jell-o I had trouble locating a good recipe so I’m going to share mine in case someone wants it. I’ve thought about modifying the recipe to make cat treats, but haven’t actually done it yet.


  • vegetable baby food – I use peas most of the time, but I’ve also used squash and other vegetables
  • gelatin – 1 envelope or about 2 tablespoons
  • plastic bag
  • cup to hold plastic bag
  • ten kelp tablets (found in the vitamin & supplement section)
  • ten alfalfa tablets (ditto)
  • spoon
  • knife
  • a small amount of water

Cup, bag, baby food, bulk gelatin and measuring spoons

Kelp tablets on the left, alfalfa tablets on the right.

The vegetable baby food is because snails primarily eat vegetation, if you were making treats for a dog, cat, or ferret you could use meat baby food or a combination of the two. The gelatin works as a binding agent and provides a source of protein while the supplements offer calcium, iodine, and other trace minerals. If I were making these for the cats I would probably add glucosamine or vitamins instead.

The procedure itself is pretty easy. First, put the bag inside the cup and fold down the top as shown in the above picture. This will make clean-up easier later. Empty the baby food into the bag. Put the kelp and alfalfa tablets into the now-empty baby food container and add hot water to dissolve them. The alfalfa tablets dissolve very quickly, but the kelp usually needs a little help. Add the resulting slurry to the baby food, along with the gelatin. Mix thoroughly and microwave for about thirty seconds. Stir again to ensure gelatin is completely dissolved. Remove the bag from the cup – it will be hot! – and seal, pressing the air out. Place the sealed bag on a flat surface, like a plate or cutting board, and smooth it until the mixture is evenly distributed.

The cup got a little too hot and melted the bag a bit, normally it would be smooth.

Place bag and cutting board/plate into the freezer for about thirty minutes, it’s so thin it doesn’t take long to set.

Mine came out all wonky because of the bag (It also froze because I was watching TV)

Carefully remove slab of mixture from the bag, it will be very flexible and rubbery, and cut into small pieces. Stored in the freezer, it will keep several months.

The consistency is like that of an eraser.

The snails enjoy their treats. I usually put a few small pieces in rather than one big one to prevent the bigger snails from hogging everything.