On Thursday morning I was sitting in my car, getting ready to go to work, when I noticed movement in the driveway.

Now with realistic motion blur!

It was a deer, not an uncommon sight around my house but they usually stick to the backyard. These were strolling down the driveway as if they had all the time in the world. I wasn’t all that impressed, since I’ve seen deer before, and was getting ready to start the car and scatter the herd when I saw something smaller move.


It was not one, but a pair of fawns, still all speckled and awkward. While regular deer are old-hat, a pair of twins stubling along behind their mother is adorable enough to make me go all gushy. I get out my camera (naturally) and take a picture. That’s when I realized I was surrounded by deer, who were browsing on Mother Dearest’s azalea bushes.


The fact that I was inside the car where they couldn’t smell me probably made them bold enough to come close, I could have reached out and touched one if the car hadn’t been there. Sadly, I still had to get to work. I cranked the car and as expected the deer fled in terror. The two babies actually started running the wrong way and fell over themselves getting turned around so they could follow Mama Deer.