Long ago, in that far-distant time when postal rates were much lower known as the late nineties, I purchased a concrete skull off of eBay.

It wasn’t the entire skull, more like a skull-face (with the lower mandible missing) but I thought it was awesome. I hung it on my wall and liked to rub its domed forehead from time to time for luck – like a lucky Buddha, only more cranial.

When I moved out, the concrete skull-face was packed up and put away, the lack of wall space in my new place didn’t really lend itself to awesome ornaments like that, plus I though it would tear a hole in the flimsy wall. After moving back home, I have thought about finding my beloved skull-face, but I’m only partially sure of where it is (:waves hand vaguely towards garage attic: There, I think.) and I don’t really want to give myself heatstroke looking for it. I need to write a reminder for myself to look when it gets cooler, but not so cold that I’ll freeze my arse off. By that time I’l probably forget again.

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and look.