I go back to change clothes after getting home from work and trudge back into the kitchen a few seconds later.

“Hey … I don’t know who took it, but I brought back your llama.” Mother Dearest gave a little laugh.

Of course I took a picture of it first.

We have a llama down!

Intermittently I have been finding odd stuffed animals strewn around my floor, usually first thing in the morning. I kept rounding them up and giving them back to MD, who kept insisting that they weren’t hers. (Like I get up in the middle of the night and play with stuffed animals.) Maybe elves were sneaking around and relocating toys while everyone slept?

Perhaps elves with four legs, soft fur, and pointy ears?

It probably wasn’t Fearless, because it would require actual effort on her part. The other two are still suspects.

I don’t know which cat is stealing toys, but every so often I wake up to the laziest Christmas morning ever – a random small toy minefield. It could be worse, if the were outdoor cats I would probably be waking up to dead rodents, snakes and birds. I had enough of that growing up, thank you very much. (The best hunter of all of out outdoor cats was Tiger, the Big Mama of them all. She liked to sit under MD’s hummingbird feeder and every so often there would be one bird that was just a tiny bit too slow.)