I found myself humming along to a song the other day at work. It was one of those earworms that wiggles into your brain until it drives you mad. I even found myself singing it while I was brushing my teeth one morning. THe thing is, I don’t know any of the words. Well … I know the words, I just have no idea what they mean.

My earworm was Tabi no Tochuu, the theme song for an anime I recently started watch, Spice and Wolf. I have no idea what the words mean, since it’s in Japanese, but the melody is lovely.

Every anime show I’ve watched so far, even the ones I didn’t care for, have incredibly catchy music. It’s like super-earworms. I got the idea that the soundtracks would make good writing music, I write better when there’s noise and if it’s in a foreign language I won’t be tempted to write out the lyrics when I type (it happens.) but I’ve run into a problem.

I can’t find the frickin’ things anywhere! iTunes has a lackluster selection and Internet searches have thus far proven less than fruitful. I could buy CDs, but I don’t have an extra thirty to seventy-five dollars sitting around. (Yes, some of them cost that much.) I’m frustrated.