After having an old-fashioned flip phone for years, I’ve decided to upgrade to a nicer smartphone.

This one.

Since I use the prepaid service Tracfone, I wanted to get a phone that was compatible with the service so I could just switch over my minutes. Rather than buy a brand-new one from a store, I bought one on eBay for less than half of what a new one would cost.

I received the phone on Saturday and, after messing around with the buttons a bit, decided to go ahead and transfer my number over. I pull up the Tracfone site, punch in my current phone’s serial number and then enter my new phone’s serial number.


Tracfone informs me that the serial number is not a Tracfone, but in fact belongs to a Net10 phone. There is a Tracfone logo on the back and when you power the phone up there’s another Tracfone logo, but the serial number just doesn’t register.

I don’t want a Net10 phone, if I wanted one I would not have purchased a Tracfone. I messaged the seller immediately telling them the problem and requesting a return or exchange. I’m hoping I can get this all worked out so I can finally get a nice new phone.