This is one of those times when a fairly innocuous dream gets ramped up to nightmare levels.

I had a fairly harmless dream where I woke up, padded to the bathroom, and pulled back the shower curtain in preparation to taking a shower. In my dream, there was a small black snake curled up in the bottom of the bathtub. I stared at it for a moment and then picked it up and put it in my snail aquarium, which is located in the bathroom. Nothing very special or unique, except I hate snakes and would never be that calm around one. Still, it was a dream.

A few mornings after this dream I stumbled out of bed, staggered into the bathroom, and pulled the shower curtain back a little bit to hang my towel on the towel rack. At which point I nearly had a heart attack.

Remember Firefly, my skinny, mostly-black cat (with the skinny, mostly-black tail) who is obsessed with running water?

Also known as Psycho-Twitch.

She was sitting in the bathtub, which is something she rarely does in my bathtub as she prefers the hall bathroom’s tub. When I pulled the curtain back, all I could see was her tail twitching against the white tub.

I woke up really fast that morning.