I finally got a new phone!

Awe-inspiring, isn’t it?

After the snafu with the last one, I spent a little more and found one still in the package for a little over thirty dollars. It was waiting at home for me on Friday and I had absolutely no problem getting it activated – switching over my minutes and time from my other phone took only a few minutes. I was worried my time wouldn’t transfer over with my minutes, which would have been a problem since I still had almost six months of a year-long card left, but it went off without a hitch. The activation even added sixty days!

I’m set until Valentine’s Day.

On Saturday I got another surprise, as the case and screen protectors I ordered arrived. Now I’m fully protected.

I already had the alien phone strap on my old phone. It took some figuring out to get it attached, I had to remove the battery cover to do so.

I’m currently debating about whether to get a ringtone or not, I can’t decide between the Batman theme and a Dalek saying “INCOMING COMMUNICATION DETECTED.” It also has the ability to record your own, I tried to get Simon’s purr set up as a ringtone but I didn’t do it right. I still have one more item, a microSD memory card, and I’ll have everything I need.

All together with the case, a data sync cable, the screen protectors, and the memory card, the phone costs about what just the naked phone would have been if I went to the store. I’m happy with that.

With the case on it just barely fits in my old cell phone pouch, so I don’t need a new one.