I was fully prepared to write up a crackerjack post to make up for the half-assed one I did yesterday.  I was going to use my whole ass, I swear! But then I sat down at the keyboard and got distracted by something shiny. In this instance, it wasn’t a physical shiny thing but a mental one – “It is illegal in the state of North Carolina to plow a cotton field with an elephant.”

Why do I know this? Where did this particular bit of information come from? I have no idea, but I can’t stop thinking about it. What events transpired that brought about this bit of legislation? There could have been an accident involving an elephant plowing a cotton field, or it could have been a preemptive measure to prevent carpetbaggers from taking over the cotton fields with pachyderms. But why only cotton – wouldn’t banning them from plowing peanut fields have made more sense? If you plowed a field with an elephant intending to plant corn or tobacco, but decided to plant cotton instead, does that mean you retroactively broke the law? Who would enforce such a thing and would the animal be considered an accomplice or evidence?

I might be over-thinking this a bit.