I was sitting on the couch on Saturday, watching the last (and best) part of The Abyss with GhostDad. Firefly was sitting on his lap, which is her favorite place to sit, and while we were watching the movie I kept hearing crunching sounds. GD was snacking on Cheetos and I thought that might be what I heard, but then I looked over and saw him feeding tiny bits of Cheeto to Firefly.

Artsy shot!

Cats eating chips is nothing new – Simon loves Pringles and has a habit of getting his head stuck in the can – but he was very patiently breaking off tiny Firefly-sized pieces and holding them out on his palm while she sniffed each new offering, licked it thoroughly, and then deigned to eat it. It was like she was a finicky child. I find this particularly amusing considering the number of times I’ve heard this man say “I hate cats.” when I was growing up.

During the climatic sub chase (awesome) GD’s knee started bothering him. Firefly had by this time tired of chips and curled up to take one of the twenty naps she takes every day. Rather than wake her, GD carefully lifted her off his foot and gently rearranged her so she wouldn’t fall off of his lap when he put his foot down.

“Gee, GD” I remarked, “it’s too bad you hate cats so much.”

“Yeah.” :strokes Firefly’s back. “I can’t stand ’em.” :skritches under Firefly’s chin:

I am growing more and more skeptical of his assertions.