I’ve been having sort of a serial dream for the past week or so and I’m not sure if it’s an original dream or I was just remembering bits from a movie I watched once. If it is a movie then I don’t remember what it’s called.The dreams kind of skip around a lot, but I was able to piece together what I think the narrative of the story should be.

In my dream there was a young married couple; a woman with short white-blonde hair and a man with longer dark hair and a beard. (He looked like Russell Brand but I didn’t recognize the girl.) They are in what is either a very nice hotel suite or a really posh apartment. At first the couple is fighting – she spends too much money and drinks too much and he’s been unfaithful to her – and there’s a TV on in the background. You can’t really hear what’s on the TV because of how loud the couple are, but the show they were watching looks like some kind of home decorating program. As the fight escalates, news bulletins break into the program with increasing frequency. At first there’s just one of those tickers across the bottom of the screen, but the network begins breaking into the program with live updates with greater and greater frequency. The couple are ignoring the televison, which is on mute, and the woman begins throwing things. She locks herself in their bedroom and he storms out of the apartment/hotel suite.

On the street things are in full-on riot mode – smoke everywhere, people running and screaming – but the guy doesn’t notice at first until a car plows into a store only a few feet in front of him. THis is the point where he notices something is strange – the rioters aren’t grabbing TVs and luxury items, they seem to be after weapons. There’s a great big fight going on everywhere and the guy starts feeling scared. He turns around to head back to the apartment/hotel suite just as the driver of the car gets out, picks up the bumper of his car (it had fallen off) and bashes another guy over the head with it. The other guy falls down twitching and our main character (I’m going to call him Russell for the sake of clarity) notices that he looks strange – dead grey skin, white eyes, tattered clothing. (Yes, it’s a zombie. I don’t even like horror movies very much and I’m dreaming of zombies.)

Russell starts to panic and retreats into the smashed in store to look for a weapon. While in there he calls his wife and tries to warn her. She thinks he is lying because she can hear “him” moving around in the living room and tells him she is going to soak in the tub for a while. He is really getting panicked now, because he knows it’s not him walking around their apartment/hotel suite.

The next part is kind of hazy and I’m not sure specifically how he gets back to their apartment/hotel suite, but it must have been bad-ass because he’s  pretty beat-up by the time he gets there. There are zombies roaming the halls outside and his front door is wide open ( I don’t think he closed it properly when he left) and a couple are wandering around in his home. He manages to sneak into a coat closet and tries calling his wife again. (I get the impression that he’s tried several times to call her but she wouldn’t answer.) She fnally answers and tells him she’s calling the lawyer and she wants a divorce. They start fighting again as he tries to explain what’s happening and she thinks he’s a big liar.

Then he hears a muffled thumping sound, both over the phone and through the door. He cracks the door open and sees the zombies are trying to break down the bedroom door. The wife thinks it’s Russell and starts screaming louder, telling him she’s going to call the cops if he doesn’t go away. He tries to tell her it isn’t him, but she disconnects. Within seconds he hears the door break, followed by his wife’s screams. He starts sobbing and slides down the door, curling up on the bottom of the closet.

There’s another time jump, this time I think it’s deliberate, and Russell becomes aware of a shuffling, scraping sound. He risks a peek put of the door and sees the zombies headed directly towards him, several are holding recognizable bits of his wife. He shuts the door but his hand stays on the doorknob. It ends on a close-up of his fist, white-knuckled, wrapped around that knob. I don’t know if he tries to hold the door shut as long as he can, or if he opens it and walks out into the room to either fight his way out of the apartment/hotel suite or if he commits suicide by zombie. I kind of like not knowing, it makes it more interesting.