The PowerBall was up over $300 million on Wednesday, so a bunch of folks in the office pitched in and bought some tickets. This led to idle speculation as to what everyone would do if they had that kind of money. New cars and houses featured prominently, as did traveling, setting up college funds, and paying off outstanding debt. (I do work with a bunch of bankers and most of them are fairly practical-minded.)

Truthfully I would probably do that as well – make sure my family was taken care of, get a nice little house of my one, maybe travel a bit – but there is one thing I’d be very tempted to do if I had money to burn. 

First, I would buy some forensic skull casts. (A forensic cast is a replica human skull with different injuries or abnormalities used for training purposes. They are pretty awesome.)

This one comes with an axe sticking out of it!

I might get a few dinosaur skull casts and maybe a dire wolf or a smilodon as well, but those would be for festive display purposes.

Once I got my fake skulls, I’d salt them around the property, mostly in the basement and garden areas. Then I’d install an elaborate system of cameras covering each skull’s location. Finally, I’d hire different crews to come in to renovate the basement and remodel the garden and see what they did when they found the fake bones.

It’s probably a good thing I’ve never won the lottery.