I’m having a bit of a bag-crisis right now.

The cats (that grey lump in the corner is Simon) are unfazed by this turn of events

I put the Batman bat together and pinned some scraps in place to see what it looked like – and it’s too big. I had actually made it a little bigger because I was basing it on the other one I did, which came out smaller. (I had the seam allowance set wrong) I’ve done everything I can to make the bag smaller, but it’s still too big.

Since I really don’t want to redo the entire piece,I’ve got a couple of options left;

  1. I can scrap it and save the piece for something else, or
  2. Just make a really big bag.

I’m leaning towards option 1, since I’d rather use it in something I’d enjoy rather than rush through making something that I’d never use or wouldn’t enjoy. I can still make a Batman bag to take to Dragon*Con, I’ve got an old sheet featuring the characters from the animated series that I can use. I think I even have a pillowcase in my box-o-pillowcases that has Batman on it. (I also have Pokemon and Superman.)

Today’s free tip of the day to all those out there who like to sew – old top sheets picked from thrift shops and yard sales (when washed properly) are one of the best sources of fabric; they don’t get worn-out like a fitted sheet but most people get rid of the whole set rather than replacing just the bottom. And if you quilt, a pillowcase is bigger than a fat quarter – almost a yard of fabric – at a fraction of the cost. Kid’s pillowcases are especially adorable.