Our bathrooms at work, like many bathrooms in businesses, are smallish windowless rooms brightly lit my flourescent lighting. It’s a three-stall job on the ladies’ side, I’ve never been in the men’s room so I have no idea how it is set up.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I was sitting in there, contemplating the inner workings of the Universe, and the lights went out.

It wasn’t a power outage – another person turned the lights off.

This woman had to have heard me enter – I wasn’t pretending to be a toilet-ninja – and had to walk right past the closed door of the stall I was occupying to wash her hands and leave. I could very clearly hear her. She just turned off the lights.

Do you know the layout of your work bathroom well enough to navigate it in the frickin’ dark? I found out, rather depressingly, that I do.

I could understand flicking the light off out of reflex, I’ve done that once or twice, but I usually recognize my mistake – that I’m not at my home but am instead at a place of business – and turn the light back on. She just strolled out like it wasn’t any big deal.


Oh, and as a special bonus – the day was topped off by a woman who wanted something notarized but had absolutely no state or federal ID of any kind. Apparently “having an account” is enough proof of identity and we should just take her word as gospel. When informed that the world does not, in fact, revolve around her, the woman became very angry and demanded that the rep helping her close out all of her accounts. Not a problem – as long as you have an ID. Things got kind of screamy after that.