On Saturday as we were heading home from breakfast, Mother Dearest asked if anyone needed to go anywhere. GhostDad mentioned a few things he needed and the asked if we could stop at the ABC store. (For those of you who don’t live in North Carolina – there are no privately owned liquor stores, all such stores are run by the Alcoholic Beverage Control board, hence the name.) There happened to be one on the way to the other store, so we stopped and piled out of the car. As we got to the door, I turned towards MD.

“There’s nothing like a family trip to the liquor store on a Saturday!”

She laughed as we went in. While GD priced the whiskey, MD and I browsed around and made fun of the flavored vodkas that have gotten so popular.

Cookie dough flavored vodka? Really?

We all ended up buying something – GD got his whiskey, MD got this really yummy vanilla rum, and I got a bottle of cherry brandy (for medicinal purposes.) I also got a little single-shot bottle of something called Kinky liqueur, a bubblegum-pink “naughty infusion of super premium vodka distilled five times with succulent mango, blood orange liqueur, and passion fruit” according to the label.

I bought it mostly because, like small children and many species of birds, I am attracted to small, brightly colored things.

 It’s pretty weak as alcohol goes, 34 proof, but it tastes pretty good – very fruity and sweet, but not as overpoweringly sweet as a wine cooler. I poured about half the little bottle into a glass of tea and it was yummy but not enough to get me tipsy-feeling. I might go back and get a bigger bottle.