I was sitting on the sofa in our break room during my lunch hour, reading a book. Directly at the foot of this couch is the door leading to our teller line. As I am sitting there, the door opens about halfway and one of my coirkers, the teller manager, tiptoes in and closes the door behind her as queitly as she can. This is kind of odd behavior for her, so I look up from my book and she notices me watching her.

“I can’t go out there, Mr. (name) is out there! He’ll talk my ear off.”

Mr. (name) is one of our “chatty” customers, he always latches on the whomever helps him and take the standard greeting of “How are you doing today?” extremely literally. He will list, with exacting detail, Every. Single. Thing. that has ever gone wrong in his life. It is quite an impressive list, featuring such things as the Internet, various political things, and the city repaving the street in front of his house.

I winced when I heard the name.

“So you’re just going to hide back here until he leaves?” She nods and opens the door a crack, peeking out.

“Watch him have to do a wire, too. He’ll be here all day.” She closes the door. “I have things to do!”

She spent about ten to fifteen minutes hiding the the break room before she felt it was safe to go back to her office – where she could have gone instead of going to the break room and gotten started on all that work she needed to get done.

This is not quite the most dramatic customer-dodging behavior I have seen. Once a teller dropped to her hands and knees and crawled like a child, hidden from view by the teller counter, to avoid one of her more verbose customers. It was pretty funny.