Mother Dearest and I were discussing my then-upcoming convention plans and I was telling her that I had read that it is recommended that attendants bring water bottles to stay hydrated and to plan to spend a lot of time standing in line. I told her that I was planning on taking a book to entertain myself while I was in line. She laughed.

“I can just picture three hundred nerds standing in line, reading and not talking to each other. Or just texting each other!”

I told her not every nerd was a socially awkward over-obsessed fan and she went back into the living room. About a half-hour later I come rushing in carrying my new cell phone.

 “Listen to this!” I tap my phone and my brand-new ringtone trumpets out – a snippet from the Batman: the Animated Series theme. I hop up and down, clearly excited. GhostDad gives me an odd look, so I explain.

 “It’s Batman! Quick, call me! Call me!” MD, who keeps her cell phone nearby, dials mine. The music plays again and I giggle.

“Isn’t this great?” I asked her.

“Speaking of nerds…”

“You’re just jealous because I have an awesome ringtone.”