Saturday at Dragon*Con can be summed up in one word – frenetic.

Even at eleven AM the registration line was wrapped around the block – I was so happy I had managed to pick up my badge the day before. The sidewalks were packed with people, in costume and out. I was very lucky that most of what I wanted to do was in the same hotel, the Hyatt, but I did venture out to the Marriott from time to time.

I went to a couple of anime panels, including one on Toonami. If you are of a certain age you probably remember watching Cartoon Network’s block of animation featuring such kick-ass shows as Megas XLR and Samurai Jack. Hearing a room full of people chanting the theme songs (especially the Megas XLR song; try to imaging a hundred or so people singing “You dig giant robots, I dig giant robots…”) was an awesome thing.

I went to a couple of writer’s panels and started feeling hungry, so I called Mother Dearest to see if she was still picking me up at five. She apparently knew nothing about picking me up at a certain time, even though we had talked about it in the car that morning. She then ran into some trouble navigating the streets to find me. She called me on her cell and tried to describe where she was, but I kept telling her I had no idea where she was – I’ve never been to Atlanta before – and that I should hang up so she didn’t plow into a garbage truck or something. She eventually found me and we left to find food, I ended up missing my seven o’clock panel but made to to my eight-thirty one on Literature as Anime where the presented discussed animes that were based on books and showed clips. Most were terrible – seriously, who thought Sherlock Hound would be a good idea? – but it was hilarious.

After the anime panel I booked it over to the Robert Heinlein panel where they were discussing his works and got a wonderful surprise – there was a woman in the audience who had written to the author when she was twelve and asked him to adopt her – and he did. She called him and his wife Grandpa and Grandma and even had their wedding rings with her. I cannot stress how much I geeked out over this.

I had planned to attend to Bizarre Anime Film Festival that night, but the room filled up while I was standing in line. I contemplated heading over to the Fanfiction panel, but I decided that I deal with that enough as a Librarian. A person like me in a room filled with fanfic authors? They’d tar and feather my ass (and the rest of me.) I put in another call the MD and she came and picked me up, it was a bit after midnight, which was the earliest I left the con.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my Sunday and Monday wrap-ups!