Sunday wasn’t quite as busy as Saturday had been, the streets were still packed with cosplayers but the panels weren’t quite as crowded. A lot of the big names only come on Saturday and there are a lot of people who only buy Saturday passes. I had a pretty leisurely day planned out to save my aching feet and the thumb-sized blister I had developed. (Note to self – wear better shoes next time.) I went to the Twenty Best Short Films of The Past Twenty Years panel, where I stood in line with Cabbage Guy from the Avatar series.


After the film festival, I went to meet Lurks Real Close, AKA the poncho moose, of YSaC fame. I was kinda late because I was wondering around down in the food court of the Peachtree Center, but we eventually hooked up. We both had panels at four, but we had time for a good talk. My four o’clock panel, a FUNimation sneak peek, was full, so I went to my second choice – a reading by Kevin J. Anderson. He read two selections, one from his new series featuring a zombie private detective that was very appropriate to the situation, since it was about the character attending a convention. I bought a copy of the book, which he autographed for me, and will give a more in-depth review later. If the rest of the book is as good as the part he read, it should be very good.

After his reading was over, I had to book it across the basement to make the Mercedes Lackey reading, which was something I was really looking forward to. The room filled up quickly but “Misty” was a little late getting there since she was doing a signing in another hotel and it ran over. She entered a few minutes after the reading was supposed to begin, but no one minded and everyone applauded for her. She read three selections; an Elemental Masters short story, a scene from a “zombies in space” book called Reboots, and a portion of an unfinished manuscript she was calling Hunters. She also signed my ancient copy of Firebird for me. It was awesome. I was a little late getting to my next panel, one on short story writing, but I didn’t mind. Mother Dearest picked me up afterward for dinner (chicken alfredo pizza, yum!) and a quick nap before heading back to the con.

It wasn’t in the program, but I had spotted a sign in front of the main video room advertising showings at eleven and twelve of the newest episode of Doctor Who, there had been showings on Saturday night as well but I had been too tired to attend. I had to stand in line for the midnight showing, but it was worth it. Just like everything else, seeing something like that in a large group is amazing. Everyone was whistling along to the theme song and making appropriate gasps and giggles during the show. About two-thirds of the way through the sound cut out and caused much groaning from the Whovians. The lights were cut on (Ahh! It burns us!) and the tech crew started poking around. A fellow in front of me, wearing a tweed jacket and bow tie, whipped out a sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the speakers. Everyone laughed and the laughter increased when he said, in a passable British accent, “Ah, must be made of wood. It’s rubbish with wood.” At this point three other people pull out sonic screwdrivers and give it a go as well, causing everyone to laugh hysterically. (It was close to one in the morning at this point.) The tech folks finally got everything sorted out (a room full of geeks and it still took them fifteen minutes to fix it) and we watched the rest of the show.

The room emptied quickly after the show ended, but after a quick bathroom break and water bottle refill, I was back for the special one o’clock showing of Iron Sky. It’s about Nazis on the moon invading Earth and was pretty awesome. I also hung around for Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter, an exceptionally silly film where Jesus saves Canadian lesbians from a cult of vampires trying to harvest their skin for some reason I can’t remember right now.

Monday was the final day of the con and the difference in the crowds was remarkable – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the sidewalks had been packed with people, many in costume, but on Monday they were mostly deserted. The few people I was were wheeling their luggage to their cars. I still had a few panels I wanted to go to, mostly writing ones, but I did manage to make it to the dealers’ room and find a few souvenirs. The con was officially over at five and I was kind of sad to see it go, after so many days of hanging out with people just as odd as I am, I was very sorry to see it end. As an extra-special twist, the next convention the Hyatt was hosting was a Baptist Convention – those who arrived early were gawking at the few cosplayers remaining, especially those who wore costumes that resembled vestments. (And the seven-foot-tall personification of Death, he got quite a few stares riding up the escalators.)

I was sad to see it end, but I’m already hoping I can attend next year. I had so much fun!