Charleston is every bit as picturesque as Savannah, but had the added bonus of a by-the-pound Goodwill outlet store.

We flipped through a few brochures and decided to go to a local brewery called Holy City Brewery to taste some of the local beer – the beer was okay but their homemade root beer was absolutely delicious! It tasted of molasses, vanilla, and a bit of nutmeg and other spices and nothing like the canned or bottled stuff you normally get that is full of artificial flavorings. I wanted to bathe in it.

We also got to keep the glasses.

Upon leaving the brewery, we decided to find a seafood restaurant. This was hampered by the fact that neither one of us was familiar with the area. We tried to find a few places but their were either closed or did not meet MD’s standards. On the plus side, the GPS took us on a very long detour around the Air Force base, where I broke the law and took a photo.

If you are a terrorist, please ignore this photo. Thanks.

We eventually ended up at a Chinese buffet, where I took pictures of the bathroom sinks.


The next day we visited the by-the-pound Goodwill store. We were both surprised to see a line in front of the store and even more surprised when the doors finally opened – two very rude women hurried over to the purse bin and started grabbing everything they could get their hands of before moving on to the shoes. Later they parked themselves in the aisle and sorted through everything, checking each item over more carefully and discarding many of the items they had been so eager to snatch up. Classic reseller behavior.

After the bargain outlet, we headed to Wadmalaw Island, where we were planning to visit the Firefly Distillery and the Charleston Tea Plantation. Both are out in the middle of nowhere, but very pretty.

Pictured: middle of nowhere. Also – booze!

I like the sign. There were also chickens and a turkey nearby, hence the ANIMALS sign.

After downing six tastes of flavored vodka, rum, and liqueur, I bought a bottle of lemonade-infused vodka and some Java rum, which is made with coffee and chocolate. It’s yummy.

And I got another souvenir glass so it looks like my cat owns her own distillery.

Once we were pleasantly buzzed, we drove down the road to the only other thing on Wadmalaw Island – the Charleston Tea Plantation.

It looks like the world’s dullest hedge maze.

There were some pretty trees on the property.

The place smelled great, the tea production line was active and they were processing tea from the field, and you could taste all the tea you wanted for free. I had four glasses, mostly the “first flush” the first leaves picked during the season. It was good, but not worth twelve bucks a box. I bought a few postcards to add to my collection, but the woman in line ahead of me spent over a hundred and fifty dollars on tea. That’s a lot of tea.