We decided to rent a car to drive to Georgia, so neither of our cars would get the mileage and if something happened it would be the rental company’s dime. MD was wearing shorts and normally keeps a small hand towel in her car to cover her arm or leg and prevent them from getting burned. She mentioned that she wished she had her towel, so I reach into the back seat and get my backpack.

I am a very cautious person – I will always over-pack and bring stuff I will never use on the off chance that someone near me will need something. (It’s a coping mechanism.) I’m also a fan of Douglas Adams, so of course I was packing a towel. I pull it out and give it to MD, who laughed.

Me – “You should always know where your towel is.”

MD – “I do, it’s in my car.”

Me – “See, if you were a nerd you would find this hilarious.”

MD – “It is funny; why are you carrying a towel around in your bag?”

I then proceed to try to explain Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy to her. She kind of mulled it over a bit.

MD – “I have a sheet with me, would that count?”

Me – “No, it’s not canon.”

MD – “It might be, I haven’t checked.”

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re sure you and the person you are talking to are having completely different conversations? This was one of those moments.

Me – “What do you think ‘canon’ is?”

MD – “It’s a textile manufacturer – they make bed linens.”

Then I had to explain what “canon” means. (Later when we saw our first cosplayers, I had to try to explain what a Dalek is. I have since come up with what I think is a good way to explain Daleks to non-Whovians – they are like robotic chocolate covered cherries. There’s a tough outer shell, a soft inner part, and both are round on top and flat on the bottom.)