As part of my duties at [ghostbank], I have to order property appraisals for mortgages and home equities. The information is sent to me by the loan officer on a form, I just take the details and forward them on to the appraiser.

I got an email for a coirker who was covering for someone at another branch, wanting to know if I had ordered an appraisal for a specific property. I checked my records, saw that I hadn’t, and sent him a reply. A few seconds later the appraisal request lands in my mailbox. No big deal, I figured he would order it if it hadn’t been done already, and got started.

About five minutes into the order, my screen flashes a little alert that I’ve gotten a new email from the off-site coirker. I thought perhaps he needed to add information to his appraisal order, so I opened it up.

Coirker – I forwarded that appraisal order to you.


I felt compelled to click the reply button.

Me – You realize you just sent me an email telling me that you sent me an email, right?

I didn’t have long to wait for a reply.

Coirker -Ok…you got me…this time! 🙂

I literally have no reply for that.