Back in January I bought some vintage tabletop RPGs that Mother Dearest put up for sale on eBay. A couple of them had sold, but the oldest (and the one with the highest price) was just sitting there in her store. On Friday, it finally sold (WOO-HOO!)

It’s the one on the bottom right featuring the man-candy in the rawhide Speedo.

On Saturday, MD was posting on one of the thrifting websites she follows; it has a Flipping Friday spot where people brag about items they have sold during the week. I happened to be standing beside MD (Firefly was nearby so I had my hand on her to keep her from jumping on my shoulder)while she was typing (and I only corrected her grammar a couple of times) and shamelessly reading her post when she wrote something that sounded very odd to me.

Me – What does “slow nickel” mean?

MD – It’s a saying; better a slow nickel than a fast dime.

Me – That doesn’t make any sense.

MD – Yes it does, it means you’re willing to wait to get the price you asked for rather than taking a lower amount that’s offered immediately.

Me – But a dime’s worth more than a nickel. Wouldn’t it be better to get a fast dime?

MD – No, you don’t understand.

I yell out to GhostDad, who is in the living room, and explain what MD had just said. He agrees with me.

Me – I think you should Google it.

MD – No, I’ll just delete that part.

Me – No, Google it! GOOGLE IT!

MD – It’s fine, I’ll just delete it.

Me – :reaches over and uses MD’s mouse to open a new tab: Google it!

We do so and see that MD has it backwards – it’s waiting for the slow dime versus taking a fast nickel. I point this out to MD.

Me – See? I was right.

MD – That’s one interpretation.

Me – Or you were wrong and I was right.


Me – You can’t say it, can you?

MD – Okay, okay. :grumbles: You were … right.

I then started dancing around, chanting “I. Was. Rye-ite!” in a sing-song voice. I am ever graceful in victory.