I had another strange dream the other night, but it wasn’t really as weird as some of the dreams I’ve had.

I dreamt my parents had taken the couch out of my room and replaced it with an ice cream freezer.

It looked like this, but was green on the bottom.

It was just sitting there, plugged in, but it didn’t have anything in it. (An empty ice cream freezer is a very sad sight.) Since there was no couch, I sat on top of the freezer and watched TV for a while before I wandered out of the room and woke up.


The next night I dreamt  that I was washing my hands at work and for some reason I couldn’t stop. I was standing there in the ladies’ room, just washing my hands over and over. It was very Shakespearean. When I woke up, Fearless was licking my hand – there was actually a red spot where she had been licking it for so long.