I am a die-hard animation junkie, which has also made me something of a connoisseur when it comes to voice actors. This is helped by the fact that vocal acting is a fairly specialized field and there is a limited pool of actors who deal exclusively in voice work. (This is especially true in anime, where ninety-nine percent are dubbed by the same troup of actors.)  All this means that I can usually identify the actor after a few minutes of listening if I’m familiar with their other work.

Take for an example the other night. I walked into the living room while GhostDad and Mother Dearest were watching TV and a Cheerios commercial came on. I stood there for a second before speaking.

Me – “Is it odd that I recognize the actor who does the voice for the bee?”

MD – “Who is it?”

Me – “Billy West. He also does Bugs Bunny sometimes.”

GD – “I thought that was Mel Blank?”

Me – “Mel Blanc. He passed away in ’89; now it’s usually Jeff Bergman or Joe Alaskey, but Billy West does him sometimes, too.” :pause: “It’s really weird that I know that, isn’t it?”

MD – “Little bit.”