For a while there has been a rash of small thefts in our house. Little things like stuffed toys have been going missing from MD’s stash and reappearing in my room. Since it was unlikely that my parents would be throwing small toys into my room, I assumed it was one of my furry darlings but did not know which one since they had been smart enough to do it when no one was watching.

The other morning I was sitting on the futon, tying my shoes, when I learned the identity of the thief. I was running a little late and normally would have already left the house by that time, which is probably why the thief felt safe in bringing the latest bit of booty down the hall.

I look up from tying my shoes and see Simon, the stern patriarch of my brood, standing in the doorway with a bright pink teddy bear in his mount. He froze when he saw me, as if not quite sure what he should do. After a second he dropped the bear in the doorway and fled down the hall.

The face of a hardened criminal.

Since then several other items have “migrated” into the hall and items like gloves and a pair of scissors have been found in the middle of the floor, but I haven’t caught him at it again. Simon seems to wait until everyone is gone or asleep to commit his little crimes.

Just like any good cat burglar would do.