I was watching a little TV with the parentals when a commercial for the new series based on the Green Arrow, called Arrow, came on.

Me – So it’s just Arrow now instead of the Green Arrow. I guess they wanted something short that people would remember.

GhostDad – I’ve never heard of the Green Arrow.

Me – Really?  Alias Oliver Queen, member of the Justice League?

GD – :blank look: 

Me – He hangs out with Batman?

GD – :continued blank look:

Me – Nothing?

GD – What about that human flame guy, or Flash, or that ice guy?

Me :counts off on fingers: – Iceman is a member of the X-Men, which is Marvel, The Flash is DC, and the Human Torch is part of the Fantastic Four, which is Marvel. :pause: Unless you meant Mr. Freeze, who is DC but he’s a villain.

Mother Dearest – So they’re all in different groups?

Me – Basically, yeah.

MD – I can’t wait until you start forgetting stuff.

I’m kind of curious about that myself; I already have a hard time remembering things like my ATM PIN and my cell phone number, but I can recall useless trivia at the drop of a hat.