I don’t speed while driving through my hometown because it is a very small town and the three cops have very little to do besides wait around for someone to do something stupid. As I have no desire to be that stupid person, I drive a bit slower when going through town. The other morning I was going about twenty-three on the main street, where the limit is twenty-five, and approaching one of the two stoplights. I was some distance away and the light changed to yellow. Rather than trying to make it, I slowed down even more.


Some jackass behind me took exception to me following the traffic laws and made his displeasure known. While I was going straight, he was turning and this particular intersection doesn’t have a turning lane right there. Rather than wait a few minutes while the lights cycled, he circled around me to the right, barely missing my tiny car with his comically overpowered truck (which I was not surprised to see had a pair of truck balls swinging from the hitch.) He laid on the horn again as he squealed around the corner.

You know how you always think to yourself “I wish there was a cop around to see this” whenever some jerk does something stupid?

Cue flashing lights … Now!

There’s a gas station on that corner, and who should be sitting in the lot? Why, it appears to be one of those vigilant civil servants I mentioned earlier!

That made my day.