As I’ve mentioned before, I help run another blog called the Library of the Damned (which you should go read if you haven’t already) where I offer detailed criticisms of various fanfics. It is, for the most part, an enjoyable hobby that keeps me from spending all my time on eBay. My most recent fic has turned my once fun hobby into a dull slog – the author is so incredibly lazy in her writing that I’m surprised she managed to finish, much less post, twenty chapters of the thing.

How lazy is the author? Let me show you.

(I can’t really describe Starfires parents, so you do it).

This is an Author’s Note that appears in Chapter Eighteen. I loathe Author’s Notes, since you should be able to convey the information they provide through the narration, but this one really angers up my blood. Until this chapter, the author had committed  the usual sins a fanfic author commits; neglecting to describe characters or settings, having characters vanish and reappear without explanation, skipping over large chunks of time, and the like. But this – THIS. Those four words infuriated me more than anything else.

I will make exceptions for the author’s youth (13 at the time) and inexperience for some things, but to not even bother making an attempt to describe the characters … It is insulting, both as a reader and an aspiring author myself. Even terrible writers will actually write something – this girl couldn’t even do that!

I wrote a very long, and frankly quite mean, rant regarding those four words. When I cooled down and went back over it, I deleted just about all of it because it really didn’t have anything to do with the fic and had no business being there. I felt better for writing it, though.